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St. John Primary (SJP)/St. Theresa Middle (STA) provides an atmosphere for spiritual and academic growth, while promoting learning as a life-long process.  The students  are exposed to a challenging curriculum designed to encourage them to become engaged and active learners.  

Students participate in a variety of rigorous and relevant activities throughout the school-day.  Relationships are established to instill virtues, knowledge, understanding, and the skills necessary for moral, intellectual, and physical development.  

Faculty and staff are committed to the religious and academic education of each student to his/her full potential.  Faculty and parents work in partnership to guide each student through instruction that promotes acceptance, tolerance, love, individuality, inquiry, and success.  It is most important that students understand that they are beautiful children of God and that God loves them.  


Academic Excellence


Students score higher than average at the local, state, and national levels on standardized tests.

5th and 8th graders score well above the national average on ACRE (Assessment of Catechesis of Religious Education).

7th grade students perform well in the Duke Talent Identification program every year.

Our graduates continue to achieve success in their high school classes receiving honor awards and top class rankings.

Students in 3rd-8th grades are recognized each quarter for Honor Roll academic achievement.


Curriculum and Learning Standards


Please visit the Catholics Schools Office Website to learn more about our diocesan curriculum and learning standards.

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