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Fourth and fifth Grade Curriculum


The students at St. John Primary in grades 4 and 5 are exposed to a challenging curriculum designed to encourage students to become engaged, active learners.  The curriculum is comprised of the approved Diocesan Learning Standards for Religion, English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Physical Education, and the Arts.      

Students participate in a variety of rigorous and relevant activities throughout the day to engage them in the learning process. Relationships are established to instill virtues, knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for moral, intellectual, and physical development.  Teachers use a variety of methods, such as group activities, collaborative learning, individual activities, student-initiated activities, teacher-directed activities, computer activities, research activities, and field trips.  The curriculum for grades 4 and 5 devotes no less than 50% of the school day to the skill subjects of ELA and Mathematics.  (Religion, Science and Social Studies include lessons of ELA.)  The remainder of the school day shall be devoted to Religion, Social Studies, Science, health and physical education, and electives such as music, art, computer, and library.   

In grades 4 and 5, the major subjects include Religion, ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Students in grades 4 and 5 participate in a standardized testing program.  Periodic assessments, given throughout the year, are computer-based and results are used by teachers to inform instruction.  Students in grade 5 take the ACRE (Assessment of Catechesis Religious Education) test.