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Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior


St. John Primary/ St. Theresa Middle is rooted in its rich history and long-lasting traditions that fill its halls.  With that history and tradition comes the strong bonds and relationships with its current and former students.

If you are an alumni of St. John Primary/ St. Theresa Middle please take the time to fill out the form below!

Alumni Form

Pictured: Eden Landry '14, Tanzi Stafford '14, Madison Mistretta '14, Emily Sonnier '14,

 Myah Robichaux '14, Danielle DePierri '14, Paige Braud '14, Gabrielle Barreneche '14


Pictured: Brayden Guitreau '17, Austin Savoy '17, Ryder Bourque '16, Jared Sapia '15

Logan Rodrigue '16, Cannon Hunt '16, Luke McGibboney '16, John Johnson '17