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Athletics Program


The athletics program at St. John Primary (SJP) /St. Theresa Middle (STA) strives to offer sports and activities that provide the opportunity for students to learn and grow into their athletic skills, practice good sportsmanship, practice working with others in a team effort, enhance their self-esteem and feelings of belonging, and form foundations for a healthy active lifestyle.

There are a variety of opportunities to participate in sport activities. Boys and girls in 1st-2nd grades can participate in co-ed Intramural Basketball in the fall.  Boys in 3rd-4th grades can participate in Intramural Flag Football in the fall.  Boys and girls in 3rd-8th grades may try-out for basketball; boys in 5th-8th grades can play football; girls in 5th-8th grades may try-out for volleyball; boys and girls in 5th-8th grades can participate in track.  All athletics are governed by the official St. Theresa Middle Athletic Handbook.

SJP/STA requires all students involved in athletics to maintain a 2.0 overall GPA and a C or higher in conduct on their report card prior to participation in a season or activity. See the athletic handbook for complete details.


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