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Sixth - eighth grade curriculum


Students in sixth through eighth grade are exposed to a challenging curriculum designed to encourage students to become engaged, active learners.  Students participate in a variety of rigorous and relevant activities throughout the school-day to engage them in the learning process.  Relationships are established to instill virtues, knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for moral, intellectual, and physical development.  Teachers use a variety of methods, such as group activities (cooperative learning), individual activities, student-initiated activities, teacher-directed activities, and computer/iPad activities.

The curriculum devotes no less than fifty percent of the school-day to the skill subjects of language arts and mathematics.  Religion, science, and social studies include lessons of language arts.   In all subjects, lessons are planned using the Baton Rouge Diocesan standards, which are adapted from the common core curriculum standards.   Teachers collaborate within grade levels and subject areas to plan, analyze and asses student progress.

St. Theresa Middle offers advanced classes in English and Math to seventh and eighth graders. Students are selected for these courses based on a variety of factors including their classroom performance, teacher recommendations, and ACT Aspire test scores.

Religion Program


To help students strive for spiritual growth, the middle school religion curriculum is rooted in the Catholic faith.  Students learn prayers, traditions, and values.  They learn the history of Jesus' life and death, as well as the history of the church through the years.  Students learn that they are beautiful children of God and that God loves them.

In sixth grade, Sadlier's We Believe program centers around the old testament.  Students learn about famous prophets, God's covenant with Israel, and Jesus as a healer and teacher of the church.

In seventh grade, Sadlier's We Live Our Faith program focuses on Jesus' life, teaching, and the sacraments he instituted. It presents Jesus' call to each person to become his disciple and the ways in which his teachings, sacraments, and Church nourish people for discipleship.

Eighth grade students utilize Sadlier's We Live Our Faith program. Throughout the year, they gain a deeper understating of the Church beginning with the Pentecost event through its history, encompassing its teachings and traditions.  They will strive to understand the mission of the Church and the responsibilities of all baptized Catholics.

Math Program


The math program for sixth through eighth graders includes hands on activities, project based learning and technology.  Students work in peer groups to foster interaction and engagement.  Students also work individually to improve personal skills.


Sixth through eighth grade students are exposed to the following mathematical concepts and skills: ratios and proportions, rates, fractions, decimals, percents, multiplying and dividing fractions, integers, coordinate planes, expressions and equations, functions, inequalities, geometry, statistics, probability, and algebra.


Language Arts Program


Language Arts is a vital part of the curriculum for sixth through eighth grade students.  Students learn using a variety of strategies, including small group collaboration, partner-sharing, peer-leading, and individual practice for improvement.   Teachers use work stations to enhance the language arts curriculum for practice and assessment.  They utilize leveled readers, anthology selections, interactive charts, iPads/ computers, and much more

The Language Arts Program at St. Theresa Middle is broken into two subjects English and Reading.

In English classes, students focus on grammar, language mechanics, and writing. Students work at grade appropriate levels to build grammar skills, writing techniques, grammar application as well as speaking skills. Teachers utilize writing skills to produce a variety of narrative, expository, argumentative, and persuasive writing pieces.

In Reading classes, the focus is on analyzing fiction and nonfiction texts using a variety of strategies and methods. Students are taught reading skills that can be applied to a multitude of genres.  Novel studies, literature circles and small group activities are often used to allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the texts that they read.

Science Program


In Science lessons, students are actively involved by using the Scientific Method.  Students utilize process skills to test, collect data, make conclusions, and tell what they learn, utilizing a variety of strategies, such as partner-sharing, small group collaboration, and more.  Projects and experiments are used to further engage students in the learning process. 

At St. Theresa Middle, students have access to a fully equipped Science lab where teachers can work with classes to aid in a deeper understanding of the concepts they are teaching.  Students in sixth through eighth grades will expand their knowledge on topics such as life science, physical science, earth science and the human body.

Social Studies Program


The Social Study's curriculum in sixth through eight grades is aligned with the Diocesan standards and state benchmarks. 

Sixth grade students are exposed concepts involving world history. Students study time periods such as early civilization and the Middle Ages. Sixth grade students complete a culminating "World's Fair" project at the end of the year which showcases 9 countries that they have studied. 

Seventh grade students explore topics dealing with American history.  These topics include concepts such as The American Revolution, the Constitution, the three branches of government, The Civil War, Slavery, World War I, The Roaring Twenties, The Great Depression, and World War II.

Eighth grade students study topics rooted in Louisiana history.  These topics include the geography of Louisiana, Louisiana government, Louisiana natives and Indian tribes, The French and Spanish Colonial Eras, Civil War and the effects on Louisiana, The Huey Long Era, and The Civil Rights Movement.  Eighth grade students participate in Youth Legislature each year when students work together to develop laws to present in the Spring.