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SJP Auxillary Classes

auxiliary classes


Music, Computer, PE, Library, and Art are offered to students. Different grade levels attend a variety of auxiliary classes. Students at SJP visit each scheduled auxiliary class once a week.



Mackenzie Martone

SJP Art Teacher

Students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades have Art Class once a week. Students will learn:

• The Elements of Art (Line, shape, color, texture, value, form, and space)
• The Principles of Art (Balance, unity, movement, emphasis, contrast, pattern and rhythm)
• Different art forms/mediums (sculpture and clay, paint, ink, pencil, etc.)
• Art history (Renaissance, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, etc.)




Kathy Long

SJP Librarian

Students in PK through 3rd grade attend library class once each week.  Students learn how to use a library and are exposed to a variety of activities.  Students in 1st-3rd grade participate in the Accelerated Reader Program. 



Melissa Heroman

SJP Music Teacher

In Music class, students in PK-3rd grades sing songs and play a variety of percussion instruments. Students will learn how to move to the beat, clap rhythms, write rhythms, and learn basic music theory.

Third graders will also learn how to read musical notes and dictate them. 




Physical Education


Debron lebourgeois

SJP PE Teacher

Students in grades K-3rd attend weekly PE classes for general exercise and physical activity. A variety of lessons are taught to promote physical activity in our students.  Some of these lessons include:  Rhythm and Dance, Throwing and Catching, Bowling,  Jump Rope Skills, Dribbling, and Volley Skills.  



Nikki burkett

SJP Computer Teacher

Students in Kindergarten through 3rd grades attend computer class once each week.  They learn a variety of computer skills as well as educational programs.