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Home & School Association

The SJP/STA Home and School Association provides and coordinates volunteer services.  All parents of enrolled students are members of the Home & School Association.  Annual dues are $40 per family and are paid with registration/enrollment fees.  Parents are encouraged to become involved and participate in the numerous activities sponsored by the SJP/STA Home & School Association.

The association:
*promotes communications and good will for the school community
*promotes cooperation among parents, faculty, administration, and church parishes
*coordinates activities for the purpose of service and/or fund-raising
*fosters the political action of parents as advocates regarding national, state, and local legislation that affects Catholic schools
Sample activities include:
*SJP Fun Day/STA Field Day
*SJP Warrior Buck Days/STA Warrior Wampum Days
*Cool Treat Days/Concession Days
*Bingo Nights/Family Fun Nights
*Classroom Parties
*Teacher Appreciation Week

All parents who volunteer must adhere to the Volunteer Requirements, as mandated by the Baton Rouge Diocese Office of Child and Youth Protection.  

1.  LA State Police Background Check with Fingerprints 

Background checks and fingerprinting can only be completed at the LA State Police Headquarters at 7919 Independence Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA. Their hours are Monday–Thursday, 8:00AM–3:30PM and Friday, 8:00AM–2:30PM.

Complete the two‐page Louisiana State Police application provided by the school (available in RenWeb/FACTS under “Resource Documents” entitled “VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS”) and bring this completed application to the headquarters.

Provide two separate payments, made payable to DEPT of PUBLIC SAFETY - one for $26 (background check) and one for $10 (fingerprints). These payments may be made by money order, debit or credit card.  Personal Checks or CASH are not accepted.

2.  EAPPS Application

All information must be completed, including mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and references. The application will not process without all required information.

Print out and complete all three pages of the application.  It can be accessed at – EAPPS Volunteer Application

3.  Safe and Sacred Online Test

Online training can be completed by following the instructions at – Safe and Sacred Online Training Center.

Create a new account and then review and complete the New Training “Recognizing Child Abuse” information.

Your successful online test score will produce a certificate that must be sent to school. You can either submit a copy of the certificate or email the certificate to Kim Lacinak at kimlacinak@sjp‐  Kim Lacinak is the Coordinator of Religious Education for SJP/STA.  

The online test may lead you to step #4 (Code of Ethics). If not, follow the directions below.

4. Code of Ethics 

Print, sign, date, and return the Code of Ethics Acknowledgement Form (found at the end of the document) acknowledging that you have read the Code of Ethics and Behavior booklet.

The booklet can be accessed at – Code of Ethics.

Thank you for volunteering! Volunteers are invaluable to our school.  Please contact Kim Lacinak with any questions regarding the Child Protection requirements.