Centria Brown,
Band Director, St. Theresa Middle


St. Theresa offers an optional before school band program to students in grades 5-8. Band allows the student to directly participate in making music through performance on instruments. The band program continues the development of essential skills learned in the general music curriculum. Students in band have the exciting opportunity to participate in a Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.

Beginning band

St. Theresa offers band beginning in 5th grade as an opportunity for students to develop their musical talents.

How will my child benefit from the Band Program?

  • Getting involved with music gives children a chance to be around other children who have the same interest and develop important social skills for now and later in life.
  • Studies show that children involved with music have improved grades at school and score better on standardized tests.
  • Children learn critical thinking and problem solving skills participating in music. These skills help them not only with their music but with school also.
  • The important life skills, such as perseverance, dedication, and self discipline gained by being involved with band benefits children throughout their life. Children with these acquired skills do better in school, get along with others well, and are better prepared for the “real world”.

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