Process for Current Families & Students


Re-Enrollment for current students takes place during the month of February.


Instructions for Re-Enrollment on Renweb

  1. To register your child, log in to Renweb (  Enter district code: SJST-LA, then enter your username and password.  Go to the column on left side, click on “Family Information”.
  2. Click the drop-down “Enrollment/Re-enrollment” option.
  3. You will then see the names of the students who are currently enrolled in SJP/STA and his/her grade for next school year. You must check these boxes next to their name(s).  If not, this will withdraw him/her for next year.  If a box is not by your child’s name, please notify the school office.
  4. Click “Next”.  Open and complete any downloadable attachments that pertain to you.
  5. Complete all fields that are required. If you do not complete required fields, RenWeb will not allow you to go to the next form until you do. All information that we ask for is needed so it is very important that you give complete details.
  6. Once you complete the enrollment/re-enrollment process, a closing page will appear, please click “Finish”. Enrollment is not complete until the online portion is complete through RenWeb and all fees are paid, which are completed through the FACTS system.