St. John Primary/St. Theresa Middle students receive technology-rich instruction daily. Classrooms are equipped with internet accessible student workstations. Projectors, digital document cameras, video camcorders, and ipads are also available for teachers and students to use to enhance their learning experience in the classroom.

Computer labs on each campus ensure your child will become familiar using a computer.

There are two computer labs on the St. Theresa Middle campus for students in grades 4th-8th. These labs offer a technology-rich environment for students to learn computer/technology skills. Students have Computer class as an auxiliary class in the Computer Lab. The Computer Lab, equipped with 29 computer stations, is used for teaching computer applications to students in 4th-8th grades. The other computer lab, Orchard Lab, has 32 computer stations and is used by teachers for whole class instruction and technology projects.

St. John Primary’s Computer Lab has 30 computer stations. Students attend computer classes once a week to learn computer skills and applications.

Acceptable Use Policy


Internet Safety Websites:

Internet filtering software:

  • Net Nanny Parental Controls
  • Safe Eyes
  • CYBERsitter
  • GetNetWise
  • Cyber Patrol
  • Cyber Sentinel
  • Content Barrier