Catholic Faith


The mission of St. John Primary and St. Theresa Middle Catholic schools is to serve one another through Catholic values as we strive for spiritual growth and academic excellence. We, as the faculty, administration and staff, are committed to the religious and academic education of each child to his or her full potential. We work in partnership with the parents, the primary educators of their child, to guide each child through instruction that promotes acceptance, tolerance, love, individuality, inquiry and success.

children praying in church

Students participate in Mass weekly along with Holy Days of Obligation, Special Feast Days and Class Masses.

We Serve One Another Through Catholic Values

  • Each homeroom class, as well as many school clubs and organizations, sponsor annual service projects. Some projects in the past have been food drives for the St. John and St. Theresa  food pantries, collecting Quarters for Seniors and Pennies for the Poor, gathering pop tabs for Ronald McDonald houses, creating cards for the homebound, and visiting nursing homes.
  • Students in grade levels second through eighth participate in service retreats at one of our nine partnership church parishes.

We Strive for Spiritual Growth

  • Students attend school-wide Mass weekly.
  • We celebrate special homeroom and grade-level masses with families.
  • Students participate in Religion class daily.
  • Students participate in celebrations of various liturgical seasons and feast days.
  • Our schools participate in daily community prayer. Scripture is incorporated in morning prayer daily. Each class throughout the day begins with a prayer, and a closing prayer is said at the end of the day.
  • Both students and faculty benefit from religious retreats.
  • We promote the ongoing catechetical formation of faculty through the diocesan religious certification program.
  • God’s Warriors, a spiritual club for 6th-8th graders, offers students a chance to actively evangelize our Catholic faith. Twelve student ministers from God’s Warriors act as leaders in the group to help promote faith in their fellow students and serve the spiritual needs of our school.
  • Many religious symbols are evident throughout the school, such as pictures of Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop Robert Muench, D.D.S., St. Theresa of Avila and St. Paul; statues of St. Theresa of Avila, Mary, St. Joseph and St. Anthony of Padua; crucifixes in the classrooms, gym, cafeteria and office; meditation gardens; statues of Mary in classrooms; and holy water fonts in classrooms. Prayer tables are prominent in every classroom. Bulletin boards reflect Catholic beliefs and values through student displays.

We Strive for Academic Excellence:

    • Our schools’ religion curriculum is supported by the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops).
    • The Assessment of Catechesis of Religious Education (ACRE) scores for 5th and 8th
      graders are well above the national and
      diocesan average.




Please visit the Academics section of our site for detailed information about Religion curriculum taught in a particular grade.

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