Welcome to Music Class!

Melissa Heroman,
Music Teacher, St. John Primary

Katherine Tomeny,
Music Teacher, St. Theresa Middle


Enrichment classes (Music, Computer, PE, Spanish, Library, Art, Band and Choir) are offered to students. Different grade levels attend a variety of enrichment classes. Some are offered weekly and some are offered quarterly.

This year we will:

  • Sing many songs
  • Write different types of notes
  • Praise God with our voices in Mass weekly
  • Perform Fair Acts
  • Dictate notes
  • Play instruments
  • Put on plays
  • Sing solos
  • Put on concerts and much more!

Important Events to Remember

(Check out the events calendar for details.)

  • Fall band concert
  • Christmas Play
  • Spring band/Recorder Concert
  • Choir Christmas and Spring Concert

REMEMBER: When you sing, you pray twice!