Welcome to Art!

Janis Ament,
Art Teacher, St. John Primary

Pamela Gyan,
Art Teacher, St. Theresa Middle


Enrichment classes (Music, Computer, PE, Spanish, Library, Art, Band and Choir) are offered to students. Different grade levels attend a variety of enrichment classes. Some are offered weekly and some are offered quarterly.

Sketchpads will be collected to be checked once a month, and reminders will be sent out before the date when sketchpads will be picked up. Drawing assignments will only be sent once a month with all the drawing assignments for that month attached in the same email. (Drawing assignments will also be available on RenWeb and the school’s website.) All rewards may be earned by doing either drawing assignments or drawing challenges and any can be turned in all year long, including the summer drawing challenges.


STA students can now do SJP drawings and have them count just as SJP students can do STA drawings. All coupons for wearing shoes, hair accessories, or caps are subject to rules in the parent-student handbook. The dates on which the shoes, hair accessories, or caps can be worn will be picked by administration. There will be multiple redemption dates. The drawings have to be seen by me to be credited, and the student will be given the coupon for free shoe, hat, or hair accessory.

All coupons can be earned by doing 5 drawing assignments and/or drawing challenges with the exception where the choice is one drawing being equal to one candy or two warrior bucks. Here are the coupons that can be earned:

  • Coupon for free shoe pass
  • Coupon for free choice in a hair accessory
  • Coupon for free choice in wearing a cap for the day
  • Coupon for sitting next to friend in art class for a month (must be in the same homeroom!)
  • 1 drawing assignment or drawing challenge: can always be equal to one candy choice or two warrior bucks.

If a student completes ALL drawing assignments over the course of the school year, they will be entitled to a free recess lasting the entire art class. Students not completing all the drawing assignments will have their regular art class. If a student completes ALL the drawing assignments AND all the drawing challenges, they will be eligible to do a special art project with Mrs. Janis with the art project nice enough to reward their hard work.

Thank you for your support in helping your child to develop as an artist. Hopefully, this will be a lifelong passion for them.

drawing hands - art class
mona lisa - art class
van gogh - art class
picasso - art class
cezanne - art class